This is a personal list I keep to remember what I have read and which book I lend to friends.

This is not intended to be a blog post or interesting for anybody else than me. You can however advise me some good reads =)

Already Read aka “To be read again later”


  • Python for Data Analysis - Wes McKinney (introduction to notebooks, numpy, panda)
  • Learning Python Design Pattern - Gennadiy Zlobin
  • Violent Python - TJ O’Connor
  • High Performance Python -Micha Gorelick, Ian Ozsvald
  • Automate the Boring Stuff with Python: Practical Programming for Total Beginners - Al Sweigart
  • Python crash course - Eric Matthes
  • Python Playgound - Mahesh Venkitachalam


  • Test-Driven Development with Python - Harry J.W. Percival :heart: :heart:
  • Pro Django - Marty Alchin
  • Django Essentials - Samuel Dauzon Meh.
  • High Performance Django - Peter Baumgartner, Yann Malet
  • Two Scoops of Django - Daniel Greenfeld, Audrey Roy :heart:
  • Hello Web App: Learn how to build a web app - Tracy Osborn
  • Hello Web App: Intermediate concepts - Tracy Osborn


  • Javascript Patterns - Stoyan Stefanov
  • Learning JavaScript Design Patterns - Addy Osmani LEND TO NICO
  • AngularJS Up & Running - Shyam Seshadri & Brad Green
  • Javascript Ninja - John Resig LEND TO NICO
  • High Performance Javascript - Nicholas C. Zakas
  • Javascript, The Definitive Guide - David Flanagan
  • Javacript, the Good Parts - Douglas Crockford
  • The Principles of Object-Oriented Javascript - Nicholas C. Zakas
  • Javascript Enlightment - Cody Lindley


  • The Linux Command Line - William E. Shotts Jr.
  • Linux Utilies Cookbook - Lewis, James Kent


  • Programming 3D Applications with HTML5 and WebGL - Tony Parisi (more and introduction to three.js and a few other libs than raw webgl and internals)
  • Make a 2D Arcade Game in a Weekend -Jodessiah Sumpter


  • The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy - Violet Blue


  • The Maker’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse - Simon Monk


  • Investigating Cryptocurrencies - Nick Furneaux
  • Bitcoin for the Beffuddled - Conrad Barski


  • The Pragmatic Programmer - Andrew Hunt, David Thomas
  • Clean Code - Robert C. Martin
  • The Clean Coder - Robert C. Martin
  • Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns, and Pratices - Robert C. Martin
  • Beautiful Code - Andy Oram, Greg Wilson
  • Test-Driven Development - Kent Beck
  • The Software Craftman - Sandro Mancuso
  • Refactoring - Martin Fowler
  • Culture Code Software Craftsmanship: Better Places with Better Code [FR] - OCTO
  • Lean Start Up - Eric Ries
  • Running Lean - Ash Maurya
  • Think like a Programmer - V. Anton Spraul


  • Hello Web Design - Tracy Osborn


  • Introducing Erlang -Simon St. Laurent
  • Why Elm - Matthew Griffith

On my shelf

  • Security engineering - Ross J. Anderson
  • Write Great Code, Volume 1 - Randall Hyde
  • Write Great Code, Volume 2 - Randall Hyde
  • Introduction to Algorithms, Third Edition - Charles E. Leiserson, Clifford Stein, Ronald Rivest, and Thomas H. Cormen


  • Django Unleashed - Andrew Pinkham

Adrien Brunet

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